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Updated 10/4/20


Q: What is the purpose of

A: is a website built for the feedist community, with the intention of creating a safe haven for feedists everywhere. We celebrate feeders, feedees, gainers, and encouragers; we love our food and our fat bodies. Other existing feedist sites either market as BBW dating sites, severely diluting the community they sought to serve, or lock every feature behind a paywall. Here at, we aim to offer a wide selection of features for as little money as possible.

Q: Is the site really free?

A: For the time being, the beta the site will remain free. If we somehow got enough donations to recoup our cost of maintenance, development, and hosting we would be open to keeping it free for all time. However, we realize that there is a very real possibility that we may have to charge down the road or implement advertisements. We are exploring many options, including potentially acting as a marketplace where models can sell content.

Q: What is “Feedism”?

A: Feedism is a lifestyle that encourages eating and weight gain. Feedism can be practiced alone, in a partnership with a feedee/feeder or through a mutual feedist relationship. Feedism can be a kink incorporated into someone’s sexuality or a type of orientation, central to a person’s identity. Feedism may be practiced in real life, or may just be a fantasy. It does not necessarily have to include real-world weight gain, though it often does. In some cases, individuals develop this fetish early in life (or have it from birth), while others are introduced to feedism. 

Q: What is so great about feedism?

A: Feedism is liberating for many people, an outlet to celebrate fat and delicious food. It highlights the pleasure that comes from the socially discouraged acts of overeating and gaining weight. 

Q: What is a “Feedee”?

A: A feedee is someone who derives gratification from the idea or act of being fed. This may include gaining weight.

Q: What is a “Feeder”?

A: A feeder is someone who derives gratification from the idea or act of feeding someone. Feeding may include the physical act of feeding or may involve providing food and encouragement to a feedee. A feeder typically admires fat and looks forward to watching their feedee gain weight.  Funding feedings is not a requirement being a feeder.

Q: What is a “Gainer”?

A: A gainer is someone who enjoys gaining weight. This term typically refers to someone who gets pleasure specifically from gaining itself, rather than the act of being fed or gaining at the hands of another. A gainer may enjoy being a feedee, but they enjoy the gain regardless of being fed or not. 

Q: What is an “Encourager”?

A: An encourager is a person who derives pleasure from encouraging someone else to gain or to over-indulge, without necessarily having an interest in actually feeding someone. 

Q: What is a “Stuffer”? 

A: A stuffer is a person who likes to eat to the point where their belly is swollen but typically has no interest in gaining weight as a result of stuffing. 

Q: What is a “Vanilla Fat”?

A: A vanilla fat is an individual who is fat but does not partake in feedism. While vanilla fats are allowed on the site they have to be respectful of the fact that this IS the House of Feedism and they are guests in our space.  

Q:   What is the difference between a kink and a fetish? 

A: A kink is a sexual interest, while a fetish is the central aspect of an individual’s sexuality who can not gain satisfaction without the inclusion of the fetish. 

Q: What kind of photo can I use as my profile photo?

A: Your profile photo must be an unedited (no Snapchat filters) selfie clearly showing your face and your face alone. No photoshop, no stickers no filters, or anything blocking a part of your face. Your face should be 45% of the photo or more and as such we recommend a solo self shot. The photo should be in full color.

Q:   Why do you have a policy requiring a face pic as your avatar?

A: Showing your face is the most basic thing you can do to contribute to a social media community. Humans build connections with familiar faces.

Q: “I have a high profile job! Can I get an exception? Also, I don’t want my family to find me!”

A. Most of us have jobs and families! Refusal to upload a face photo suggests you are ashamed of this community and/or your preferences. These aren’t the members we want. Regardless, being a private community, users have to invest the effort to get approved in the first place! Your boss/aunt isn’t going to sign up to on a whim just to check if you are on here. If they sign up and are approved, they are more than likely into this kink! While that might make for some awkward watercooler/family dinner discussion, chances are they don’t want it brought up any more than you! Lastly, users who are ashamed and secretive about their preferences are more likely to treat fellow members poorly or to develop secret relationships. 

This is not what we want for our members. Our members deserve to be treated well and not be hidden or secretly ashamed of. If you cannot manage this simple ask, go get your feet wet on a platform that allows for anonymity and come back to us when you’re ready to invest in our community.

Q: How do I become a verified member and get the verified badge?

A: It’s the last tab on your profile


1. The first rule of fat club is don’t talk about fat club.
Do not share this site with your non-feedist friends as a place for fat people. This is a feedist space.

2. Accounts: Users may only have one account and this account may not be fake in any way. No bots, scripts or scraping allowed.

3. Harassment: Users may not flame or berate other members.
However, if you post something and someone disagrees with you we are not going to pick side in a mutual argument unless it violates the below rules: Users may not threaten other members. This includes social or physical threats. Threats of violent acts toward yourself, anyone else, or animals are prohibited. Profanity is permitted but directing it towards other members is strongly cautioned against. 

  • Any harassment related to weight, race, gender, or sexual orientation is prohibited and will lead to a swift ban. 
  • Sending multiple messages to someone who has not replied to you will be considered harassment, and you may be banned/warned.
  • Users may only “name and shame” other members only if they are harassing you, you have already reported them AND you have evidence of said harassment. Users may freely discuss former users who have been permabanned OR inquire about why a user has a warning tag.

    Exceptions: The user posts about an inflammatory topic.
    Example #1: “I refuse to wear a mask, There is no such thing as COVID-19. I am going to live my best life.”
    Example #2: “Sandy Hook was a hoax and all of the parents were crisis actors.”
    Example #3: “I’m gonna get soooo drunk tonight and I’m gonna drive home.”

    Such posts are inherently inflammatory and have little regard for the health, safety, and respect of others. We are not going to intervene on your behalf. You opened the door with the post.

    Admins have final discretion in such matters.

4. Sexual harassment/Assault: We take this very seriously. We are still finalizing the details of our policy (when we do, we will ask for feedback from the community), users who are found to have engaged in such behavior will be permanently banned from our site. We have no tolerance for it.

  • If a user is found to be a convicted sex offender, that user will be banned no questions asked. 

5. Photos: Images including genitals or anus are not allowed.

  • Pictures or artwork pertaining to illegal drug use or paraphernalia is prohibited (we are, however, cannabis-friendly in places where legal).
  • Images of firearms, weapons, or any type of violence are prohibited. This includes images that are uploaded to our site as well as those that are shared via hotlinking.
  • Images of people under the age of 18 are not allowed on the platform.
  • Images posted containing a person who is not from the site should have the other person’s face blurred or otherwise obfuscated.
  • Genital pics sent via any portion of the site will result in an immediate ban. #GenitalPicFreeZone
  • Users may not download, copy or save other members’ photos without their explicitly stated permission.  Users caught posting other users content ANYWHERE will be permabanned.

6. Newsfeed Guidelines: Spam is not allowed on any sort of the website; whether it be your timeline, another members’, or a forum. Examples: Any feeders want to talk? Any BBW’s want to chat? HMU! Or I want a feeder (These sorts of posts are low value. If you wish to engage with someone, seek them out).

  • Users may not post similar content more than once per 24 hours.
    This includes sending a link. The only exception is a link to the video chat.
  • Users may not vague post about selling content or begging
    “I wish someone would feed me” “My bank account is empty now I’m going to starve, someone buy something off my ONLYFANS”
    These sort of posts will be removed and you will be warned/removed from the platform. Do not try and find a loophole. We’re not stupid.
    If you want to sell content please get verified and do so in the content forums.
  • Users may not post about diet or weight loss in the public forum. If you must discuss health, please leave it in the dedicated forum. Weight loss talk has no business on this site. This includes workout talk or fitness routines. This applies to everyone. Before-after pictures should be of gains and not losses.
  • Users are strongly encouraged to write posts in a way that does not glorify thin bodies. This is not a rule we will enforce; however, we will not intervene against those who disagree with you unless they do so in a way that violates our other rules. Glorifying thin bodies in a way that implies fat bodies are less acceptable may result in a warning. We are all here because we are fat or love fat. There are millions of other spaces in the world to praise thin bodies–this is not one of them.
  • No major trolling. We enjoy light-hearted fun but anything that targets another user may result in Admin actions.
  • Users must post in English, We do not have the ability to moderate posts in other languages at this time.

7. Member Advertisements: Users may not post promotional content or request donations (monetary, edible or otherwise) on the site. Except as outlined below. Members are prohibited from having Cashapp/Paypal/Venmo or soliciting donations ANYWHERE on the site. Including but not limited to profiles, forums, and posts. You may have a wishlist in your profile ONLY if you are verified and even then you may not solicit people to purchase things for you in any way even vaguely. This includes publicly thanking those who have given you money or food. We will remove any posts with links or mentions to C4S, Only fans, Twitch, Etsy, or any other promotional content, sexual or not even if you say you are joking! This includes requests to view your Amazon Wishlist. We are considering having model profiles in the future, where advertising will be allowed. As it sits, verified members may post links to their content only in the content creator forums. This content must be on a legal site that complies with age verification standards.

8. Ban policy: Admins have the ultimate final discretion and say.

  • Users will (usually) receive a warning regarding any rule violations. After being warned, you will be issued a temporary (or permanent) ban at admins discretion. Users who are temporarily banned twice will be permabanned after a third violation.  
  • Illegal activity of any kind is banned from and will result in your removal from the site. Any threats of violence, sexual assault, or doxxing will result in an immediate ban and/or report to the proper legal authorities.
  • No posting about “real feeders.” Anyone who meets the above definition of feeder shall not be harassed for not wanting to send you money. You do not get to twist a term that has existed for decades to meet your desire to get paid/free stuff.
  • No user under the age of 18 shall be allowed to join. If you are found on here to be under 18 you will be promptly banned.
  • If you are found to be abusing the report function to cause moderation on posts you do not like but do not violate rules this will immediately result in a temp or permanent ban. Brigading is not allowed.
  • Do not harass/flame Admins, We won’t tolerate it. We promise. We are always down to discuss issues in a super reasonable manner. We will not argue and we won’t tolerate threats.
  • Absolutely no recruiting without approval. This includes but is not limited to: Multilevel marketing, Journalists, Documentary/TV show producers, Gofundme and other crowdsourcing campaigns. This will result in a permaban unless you get our approval first. This DOES NOT include using our referral system to refer a friend that is allowed,
  • If you are problematic you will be removed!

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